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Vehicle Bill of Sale

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Example free Vehicle Bill of Sale you may use to sell used autos, cars, trucks & SUV. Read Why You Need a Vehicle Bill of Sale

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I, (name:)_______________________________ of (address:)______________________________________________, hereby certify that I am the lawful owner of this vehicle:

Year ________
Make ______________________
Model _______________________

and have the authority to sell it. I hereby acknowledge the receipt of $___________ in the form of _____________, from (Buyer's name:)_______________________, as full payment for the purchase of the said vehicle, which is sold "AS IS". I hereby state that the mileage of the vehicle at the time of sale is ______________.

I do hereby grant, sell and transfer full ownership of this vehicle to the buyer. I certify that this vehicle, at the time of sale, is free from all encumbrances, taxes, fees and liens except as those specified on the Title or listed below; and that, I (Seller) will defend and be held fully responsible for such lawful claims and demands with respect to the vehicle, if any.

Buyer accepts full liability for the vehicle, damages, and any third party liability incurred from the vehicle use from the date of sale.

If applicable, Seller agrees to make arrangements for the reasonable delivery of vehicle title from lien holder to buyer immediately.

Seller's Signature
Buyer's Signature
Date® "Car Buyers, Meet Sellers™"

Why You Need a Vehicle Bill of Sale


A vehicle bill of sale is a written agreement by which a used auto owner assigns or transfers their rights or interest in the vehicle to the buyer. For used auto sales, having this form will be of great help in the selling process.
A vehicle bill of sale may serve as one of the documents that establishes a buyer's proof of ownership when trying to obtain auto insurance or prove ownership. provides the below free auto bill of sale for use upon the sale of a motor vehicle or automobile. Both the seller and the buyer complete the vehicle bill of sale. Please note that your local DMV may not provide free auto bill of sale forms.
The type of information normally included in a used vehicle bill of sale includes the following:

  1. Year, Make and Model of the vehicle.
  2. Description of vehicle.
  3. Buyer and Seller's names and signatures.
  4. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  5. Purchase price of the vehicle.
  6. Odometer reading, etc.

The buyer retains the original copy of the used auto bill of sale, and provides it to the DMV with the other acceptable proofs of ownership required when purchasing a tag.
Additionally, the vehicle bill of sale may be notarized. The Buyer and Seller can make copies of the bill of sale, for record keeping purposes. Remember! A bill of sale of a motor vehicle, is not sufficient proof of auto ownership. So, the vehicle purchaser may need other forms of proof of ownership, such as the vehicle Title. is happy to provide you with this free sample auto bill of sale. Also, we do not require you to register in order to access this form.
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